Other than providing turn key projects, Capt-Air can supply the following services:

  • Design

    Our engineering team has a deep knowledge in dust collection, pneumatic transfer, industrial vacuums and safety of such equipments. Each project is designed and refined to obtain efficient and economical solutions. Unique solutions for special projects

  • Fabrication

    Capt-air manufacture many of its system's components and is very active in research and development to continuously improve solutions for the clients. Special Cyclones and Air-Material separators, pneumatic conveying systems for a wide varietyof products, valves and special machines.

  • Installation

    Capt-Air has it's own intallation teams and has a general and specialized contractor license. Our experienced crews are used to work in varied industrial environments; sanitary, heavy industrial, laboratories or aircraft assembly plants. We work in safe conditions and provide high quality work with rapidity and expertise.

  • Commissioning

    Capt-air travels all over the planet to commission complex systems in a wide variety of industries such as mines, aluminum smelter, aeronautic plants, food processing plants and many more... Added to a successful commissionning, clients take the advantage of deep hands on training on operation and maintenance of these systems and strategies for best perfomances.

  • Preventive Maintenance
    Preventive Maintenance

    Dust collectors are frequentely neglected by maintenance teams. A lack of specific knowledge linked to a all natural aversion to "stick its nose" in the dust causes system failures without prediction and costly production downtime. To avoid such situations, you can use our deeply skilled technician crew for the preventive maintenance of your different systems.

  • Diagnostics and repairs
    Diagnostics and repairs

    For performance problems, premature filter clogging or equipment failure, our experienced technician team will be able to identify and solve de problem.

  • Safety Compliance upgrade
    Safety Compliance upgrade

    Organic or metalicdust, chemical compound , the great majority of dusts are combustible. A dust cloud can easily combust and create a fireball or explosion with significant damages and risks for nearby and even remote people. The handling of such contaminants requires a risk analysis and special devices to address these. Our engineering team can evaluate the risks associated with your current or furtur equipment. We will find solutions to eliminate or reduce associated risks.

  • Energy saving
    Energy saving

    Capt-air has a deep knowledge in energy saving for dust collection systems. It can be by using specialized filters with lower detla-P or by using low pressure filter cleaning systems or by original designs optimizing airflows, Capt-Air saves energy for its clients.