Capt-Air services a broad range of industries. Here's a non-exhaustive list:

  • Aeronautics

    Capture at source systems Metal and composite dust filtration Metal chips pneumatic reclaiming systems Oil mist filtration for CNC applications

  • Food processing
    Food processing

    Food processing industries move a variety of products – grain, sugar, flour, dairy, cocoa, cereal, spices and many more. Depending on the application, there may be concern with cross contamination, sanitary regulations, and/or food handling regulations. Good dust collection and proper housekeeping are essentials to these environments. Capt-Air has a long experience in a wide variety of food processing applications. Our installation technicians are also well trained to these types of environments.

  • Concrete and Cement
    Concrete and Cement

    Cement production and mineral processing are complex processes with challenges related to dust collection. Many steps of the process require dust control, and each step presents its own set of challenges related to material properties, moisture, and heat. Capt-air offers unique technologies to address dust control issues in these kinds of applications.

  • Grain and Cereals
    Grain and Cereals

    The handling of grain, cleaning and milling are processes generating large amounts of combustible dust. Dust control is essential for process safety. Capt-Air offers different types of equipments to address dust issues and housekeeping for terminals, mills and others. Particularly, Donaldson Torit® PowerCore® CP collectors have been installed in grain handling and processing facilities worldwide and are quickly becoming the new industry standard for grain dust control.

  • Wood industry
    Wood industry

    Wood dust is a combustible material and those operations generating or handling wood dust can require special mitigation efforts to minimize fire and explosion risks. Standards such as NFPA 664 can provide guidance for those who generate and handle these types of dusts. Some varieties of wood dust also have identified adverse health impacts. Examples include western red cedar as a designated sensitizer for asthma, and oak or beech dusts classified as Type 1A carcinogens. Capt-Air offers a wide selection of dust collectors and vacuum cleaners to maintain your shop clean and your workers healthy; from small wood shops to fiberboard plants and wood mills.

  • Pharmaceutical

    The pharmaceutical industry generates a variety of products that can become a nuisance dust during production and packaging. Depending on the application, there may be concern with cross contamination of other products, cGMP issues, as well as occupational exposure limits to limit plant worker exposure to active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s).