Labotary Extrection Arm

  • Movex

    Model: ME

    The ideal extractor for laboratory environments

    The unique joint design of the Movex ME results in a very low pressure drop, which produces many valuable benefits:

    • Energy-saving
    • Lower noise levels
    • Less risk of disruptive ventilation noise
    • Low pressure drop without having to use a larger dimension system
    • Easy to combine with other extractors in the same ventilation system

    The standard version is suitable for extracting most types of airborne pollutants in:

    • Laboratories
    • Schools, universities
    • Hospitals
    • The pharmaceutical industry
    • Hairdressing salons
    • The electronics industry
  • Movex

    Model: MiniTEX

    For workplaces requiring the market’s lowest pressure drop

    Suitable in environments where the extractor can be incorporated in the same extraction system as other products with a low pressure drop such as fume cabinets or existing ventilation systems.

    • Compact local extractor
    • Adjustable telescopic function
      • High air volume in the suction nozzle ensures effective capture of pollutants
      • Ideal for low ceiling and low-hanging light fixtures
    • A direct airflow and an absence of internal components results in a low pressure drop
      • This also minimizes the risk of noise problems
    • Easy to operate and position.
  • Movex

    Model: MEX AA

    Telescopic local extractor for atom absorption apparatus

    MEX AA is specially developed for the extraction of airborne pollutants at high temperatures generated from atom absorption apparatus.

  • Movex

    Model: DSK

    Fume cabinet for an effective capture of airborne pollutants by enclosure

    DSK is a fume cabinet adapted for working with multiple sources of pollution simultaneously, such as:

    • Encasing an apparatus
    • Working with open chemical containers
    • Gluing

    The design allows a clear view of the work area, and the cabinet can easily be moved when tasks or locations change.

    DSK comes in two standard sizes (DSK 400/DSK 700), and can also be adapted to specific needs.