FireBreak Shutters

FireBreak Shutters are design for the isolation of flammable hazards in vessel & ducted systems.

  • FireBreak Shutters

    Model: EM-FBS00G

    Gravity closure with manual reset

    EcoMAXX ™ FireBreak Shutters are engineered to isolate fires and fire hazards in dust collecting applications. FireBreak Shutters are installed in a multitude of applications ranging from wood dust, metal dust, oil mist and/or any other process that has a fire hazard. Preventative and reactive (after the event) solutions are solutions are available.

    Common applications include but are not limited to: secondary protection in a Spark Detection and Extinguishing System, fire hazard isolation for detect and isolation systems without suppression, dust collector/ vessel isolation (isolate the inlet and outlet) when used with an automatic dry chemical suppression system and production area / work zone isolation for high risk processes.

  • FireBreak Shutters

    Model: EM-FBS00F

    Gravity closure with manual reset. Fusible link activation.

  • FireBreak Shutters

    Model: EM-FBS00M

    Gravity closure using magnetic release with a pneumatic reset.

  • FireBreak Shutters

    Model: EM-FBS00P & EM-FBS00PH

    Pneumatic closure & reset, designed for vertical & horizontal positions.